Looking Back, Forging Ahead..

114 Bettington St, Merriwa, NSW, 2329

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Created by Murrurundi sculptors Fran Wachtel and Charlotte Drake Brockman, this corrugated mural at the Visitor Centre in Merriwa celebrates the agricultural history of the local district. Often working with found materials, the tin used in the mural was sourced from the local area, including the sheep dip from Collaroy Station established in 1829, Denman's blacksmith shed, and the original garage at 118 Bettington Street. The mural, which covers a significant portion of a wall, is crafted from corrugated tin—a material extensively used in Australian construction and frequently employed in Fran Wachtel's artworks. Utilising materials like corrugated iron and other found metals, Fran draws inspiration from rural life, incorporating motifs such as cows, chickens, sheep, utes, and dogs. Her corrugated iron shed workspace naturally extends her art, capturing the essence of the bush and its surroundings. The mural's central feature is a dray loaded with wool bales, pulled by bullocks. Nearby, a mob of sheep led by a ram is being herded by kelpies, while a flight of galahs soars above. Completing the scene are a windmill, a horse, and a shearing shed. The mural was officially unveiled in 2008.
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114 Bettington St, Merriwa, NSW, 2329