The Galah at Pocket Park

1 Goulburn Dr, Sandy Hollow, NSW, 2333

Experience Details

If you stop at Sandy Hollow’s charming Pocket Park, you can admire the work of local sculptor and chainsaw artist Mark Ray. The Galah, commissioned by Muswellbrook Council, was created to enhance the region's parks and provide a conversation piece for visitors. Mark Ray began his journey into chainsaw art at the age of 50, though he has been drawing since childhood. His family has a tradition of carving and drawing, with his grandmother's illustrations of birds and wildlife being a significant influence. These artistic skills translated seamlessly into chainsaw art, and Mark quickly produced numerous pieces. Mark sources his wood sustainably from local arborists and does not cut down any trees. Once he finds the right stump, he cuts it square and sets it flat. Working from an image in his mind, he carves the stump from the top down, getting the features into perspective. The base of the stump is left to support the sculpture. If the piece requires a smoother surface, he finishes it with an electric grinder. Mark’s distinctive style can be seen across the region. Keep an eye out and see if you can spot one of his remarkable creations.
Getting There
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1 Goulburn Dr, Sandy Hollow, NSW, 2333