Chapman Valley

Accommodation Details

With its large, secluded bush campsites, Chapman Valley is one of Sydney's best-kept secrets. Picture this. Your weekend escape is relaxed from the very start - the car trip along the scenic winding Putty Road is slow and leisurely as you know you can arrive at any time for the self-serve check-in. After signing in, you meander through this beef cattle farm, heading to your own designated camping area. A private corner of the property all to yourselves! After setting up camp, and showing off your awesome (of course) campfire lighting skills, you sink back in your camp-chair and listen to ...the bush. And you see ...the bush. Not a single other camper in site. Oh, except the ones you invited with you of course! There they are- the kids running enthusiastically across the open paddock chasing after their footy, with Buster, the family dog happily nipping at their heels. "They'll sleep well tonight!" you think to yourself happily, as you sink further into your camp chair and take a long drink of ice-cold beer. This is a hosted stay through Hipcamp.
Getting There
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Caters for people who use a wheelchair.