Aeroplane Hill walking track

Barrington Tops Forest Road, Barrington Tops, NSW, 2422

Experience Details

At an altitude of 1,500 metres, you’ll have your head in the clouds on this high country track that captures the rare beauty of the plateau region of Barrington Tops National Park, between Scone and Gloucester. From Junction Pools campground, Aeroplane Hill walking track takes in scenic woodlands and wetlands linking with spectacular Careys Peak lookout, where you can gaze out at views to the coast. Crossing Barrington River, you’ll pass through snow grass studded with snow and mountain gums. Approaching Black Swamp campground, notice how the landscape changes, giving way to sedges. This unique sub-alpine area is a hotbed for rare and threatened species of plants and wildlife, with some only found in this region, such as the broad-toothed rat and several rare ground orchids. Pitch your tent at walk-in Wombat Creek campground and enjoy a night under the stars, or retrace your steps to your car.
Getting There
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Barrington Tops Forest Road, Barrington Tops, NSW, 2422


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