Allyn River Rainforest Walk

Lagoon Pinch Forest Road, Upper Allyn, NSW, 2311

Experience Details

The Allyn River Rainforest Walk is located in Chichester State Forest on the Allyn River. This beautiful short, looped walk takes visitors through stunning rainforest with towering trees, buttress roots and mossy logs creating a fairy-like atmosphere. The walking track takes in views of the Allyn, with plenty of opportunities to leave the path and wander the riverbank of the crystal-clear river. Starting and finishing at the picnic area at Peach Tree, this walking track is predominantly on even ground, with some steps and steeper sections. Allow 30 minutes to enjoy this walk, longer if you want to linger on the bank of the Allyn River.
Getting There
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Lagoon Pinch Forest Road, Upper Allyn, NSW, 2311


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