Arcadia Park

Wolfe Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

Experience Details

This park is a 1.5 hectare section of King Edward Park, named after our sister city Arcadia in California. It is across the road from Australia's oldest operating school, and a short walk from the Obelisk. It is a tranquil site within the urban sprawl of Newcastle. In 1978 Newcastle Council re-contoured the steep slopes, planted native and exotic species and turfed open areas, many original plantings remain. Since 2010 the Obelisk Hill /Arcadia Park Landcare group has been working to restore native vegetation and also introduce littoral rainforest and coastal woodland species. The park hosts a variety of micro-environments and habitats for native species such as ringtail and brush-tailed possums, rosellas, lorikeets, kookaburras, tawny frogmouths, many butterflies and other insects and spiders. In the middle of the park, amidst a variety of coastal native plantings are table settings to enjoy. There is an extensive range of plant and woodland species throughout the park with four entry points from Pitt Street, Wolfe Street, Reserve Road and Hillcrest Garden via The Terrace.
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Wolfe Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300