Cabbage Palm Loop Walking Track

Hotel Creek Road, Wallingat, NSW, 2428

Experience Details

Cabbage Palm loop walking track begins at Sugar Creek picnic area in Wallingat National Park and follows the first section of Coachwood walk. Along the way, you’ll meander over the alluvial flats of Hotel Creek, which are dominated by striking cabbage tree palms, as well as a variety of rainforest species including turpentines and coachwoods. The track continues past majestic flooded gums, Sydney blue gums and into the slightly drier forest featuring brush box. If you’re lucky, you might hear the mimicking calls of a male superb lyrebird engaging in his courtship serenade. Continuing along an old logging road, the track passes another dense canopy of cabbage tree palms before emerging onto Hotel Creek track. Approximately 200 species of birds can be found in and around the park, including wonga pigeons, king parrots, satin bower birds and glossy black cockatoos. Wallabies, kangaroos, goannas and echidnas all also call this area home.
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Hotel Creek Road, Wallingat, NSW, 2428


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