Canoeing at Clarence Town

84 Durham Street, Clarence Town, NSW, 2321

Experience Details

The boat ramp at Bridge Reserve (adjacent to the Williams River Holiday Park) at Clarence Town is a great spot to access the Williams River. One option is to travel upriver under the historic “Brig ‘O Johnson” Bridge and continue north along the Williams River towards Rowlands Falls. Your peaceful journey upstream will be through farmland and there is abundant birdlife to view and take photos of. Pick up a bird brochure from the Visitor Centre to take with you. Clarence Town has a shipbuilding industry where Australia’s first ocean-going steamer was built. An important part of the region's economy in days gone by. The early establishment of relatively small farms on the river, and the ease of river transport led to rapid growth. Along with tobacco factories and steam-driven flour mills, one of the earliest National Schools was founded here in 1849 - Source History in the Williams River Valley.
Getting There
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84 Durham Street, Clarence Town, NSW, 2321


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