Cliff Face track

Flood Detour Road, Dewitt, NSW, 2422

Experience Details

Adventurous travellers visiting Woko National Park won’t want to go past this challenging alternative to Brush Turkey track, which it branches off from shortly after the trailhead. A steep four kilometre circuit, Cliff Face track threads through dry rainforest and pockets of subtropical rainforest, finishing up in dry sclerophyll woodlands. What makes it a really special day walk, however, is what you see along the way: climbing higher, you’re afforded scenic views of the cliff face above; rocky outcroppings are extensions of a striking escarpment. Be sure to bring your camera as cliffs like these provide precious habitat for the threatened peregrine falcon. You might even be lucky enough to glimpse a wedge-tailed eagle cycling across the sky. Birdwatching opportunities are superb.
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Flood Detour Road, Dewitt, NSW, 2422


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