Coachwood Loop Walking Track

Hotel Creek Road, Wallingat, NSW, 2428

Experience Details

This short loop walk in Wallingat National Park begins at Sugar Creek picnic area and wanders gently through striking cabbage palms and tall eucalypt forests. A little further on, the coachwoods appear – their smooth trunks completely covered in horizontal patches of grey lichens. The loop track forks off to the left and returns back along the watercourse. While this track is Grade 5 due to not having directional signage, you'll still find it a gentle walk. An impressive 258 animal species have been recorded in the park, with 47 of these species considered threatened or of conservation significance. Over 300 plant species have also been identified, and the park’s vegetation ranges from tall moist forest, swamps and rainforest to dry forests and woodlands. Particularly striking are the majestic white flooded gum and dense cabbage tree palm forests.
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Hotel Creek Road, Wallingat, NSW, 2428


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