Dawson River Walking Track

Old Port Macquarie Road, Brimbin, NSW, 2430

Experience Details

Dawson River walking track is a great hike that starts at Brimbin picnic area. Before or after your picnic lunch, take a stroll on this picturesque walking track that follows the line of Dawson River before joining up with the historic bullock route of Old Port Macquarie Road. This road is an important part of New South Wales’ colonial heritage. While walking this track, see if you can find a narrow-leaved red gum, which rarely grows this far north. If you’re very lucky, you may even see a koala, as this gum provides important food and habitat to this animal. You’ll also pass grey myrtle, swamp oak, water gum and two types of mangrove: grey and river. Take along binoculars and see if you can spot birds as well as nests in the mangroves. Brimbin is home to raptors, waterbirds and woodland birds. Overhead, you may also see seabirds. This walking track provides a great opportunity for birdwatching.
Getting There
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Old Port Macquarie Road, Brimbin, NSW, 2430


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