Double Wharf Trail

Sugar Creek Road, Wallingat, NSW, 2428

Experience Details

Wallingat National Park, near Forster, features stunning waterways and mountainous forests, and the best way to see them is by following the meandering Double Wharf trail either on foot or by mountain bike. The relatively flat trail heads north along the eastern side of Boggy Creek and Wallingat River, through a water crossing at Sugar Creek, and onto the scenic Reedy Creek trail. Along the way, you’ll pass through swampy casuarina forests and tall paperbarks, with dry eucalypt forest on the higher ridges. Bring some binoculars for birdwatching – egrets and cormorants frolic on Wallingat River, while yellow-tail black cockatoos are attracted by the fruiting casuarinas. There’s also a chance you’ll spot echidnas and wallabies foraging in the undergrowth. This is a great route to explore at any time of year. Bring plenty of water and a packed lunch for a quiet picnic along the way. And, if you’re up for a loop walk or mountain bike ride after lunch, you can extend your route to include Whoota Lookout Road and Sugar Creek Road.
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Sugar Creek Road, Wallingat, NSW, 2428


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