Earthcare Park at Tenambit

Metford Road, Tenambit, NSW, 2323

Experience Details

Earthcare Park is on 50 hectares of Crown land. It is bounded to the west by Metford Road Tenambit and to the east and south lie the Tenambit wetlands. The main vegetation type is remnant spotted gum and ironbark forest. There is also wetland, exotic grassland and revegetated areas. Soil and vegetation quality had been degraded heavily due to previous land practices and the potential threat of rising salinity levels nearer the wetland. Invasive plant species, heavy clearing of timber and shrubs and rampant exotic grasses and noxious weeds had substantially destroyed habitat supporting native species. The objective for the ECPLG is to now maintain focus on the reintroduction of a wide variety of indigenous plants to create the diversity necessary for a sustainable native ecosystem.
Getting There
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Metford Road, Tenambit, NSW, 2323


Carpark - Coach Parking - Family Friendly - Picnic Area - Public Toilet