East Maitland Heritage Walk

Banks Street, East Maitland, NSW, 2323

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The ‘Government town’ of East Maitland, as it was known, was officially proclaimed in 1833. The Heritage Walk features buildings of stature like Maitland Gaol, East Maitland Court House, and sites associated with convict history and persons of interest like Caroline Chisholm and Les Darcy. Glebe Cemetery, considered being of State level significance, is also a site on the walk to deliberate days of old. There are 28 buildings and sites on the walk, including Caroline Chisholm's cottage (1840) and St. Peter's Church of England (1886). You can obtain the all-inclusive map and informative brochure providing the history of buildings from the Maitland Visitors Centre, on the corner of the New England Highway and High Street, Maitland.
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Banks Street, East Maitland, NSW, 2323


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