Ellenborough Falls

Ellenborough Falls Road, Elands, NSW, 2429

Experience Details

At 200 metres, Ellenborough Falls is the tallest single drop waterfall in New South Wales and amongst the tallest in the southern hemisphere. It's an iconic experience of the Manning Valley region in the Barrington Coast. There are four ways to experience Ellenborough Falls depending on your fitness level. At the top of the falls near the car park is the first viewing platform and nearby there's a short walk to another viewing area near the waterfall drop-off. Both of these are easy effort. The third option is a 10 minute walk down the timbered walkway to The Knoll. This viewing platform is directly opposite the falls for a top-to-bottom vista of the waters of the Ellenborough River tumbling into the ravine below. The fourth option is truly worth the effort. You descend 641 steps to the base of the falls, with rest stops that you'll appreciate on the way back up. At the bottom is a rock pool misted by the spray of the water, splash some of the icy water on your face to cool off. The view looking back up the waterfall is mesmerising, it puts the small human scale into perspective. On the slower walk back up those steps, notice the changing plants and foliage, keeping an eye out for the birds and animals that make this special place their home.
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Ellenborough Falls Road, Elands, NSW, 2429


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