Gloucester Olympic Pool Complex

Boundary Street, Gloucester, NSW, 2422

Experience Details

For a small country town, Gloucester enjoys an exceptional range of sporting facilities that make it the envy of many larger centres. In the middle of the green and lovely Gloucester District Park you’ll find the council-owned pool complex that’s been providing perfect swimming conditions for over 50 years. You’ll love the 50 metre lap pool, 15 metre wading pool with water feature and shade cover, toilets, change rooms, kiosk, first aid room, shady areas, picnic facilities and a fenced children’s play area. The many benefits of swimming include health, enjoyment and lots of fun for the kids! The grassy area features two free electric barbecues and a gazebo that’s perfect for parties, work functions or even the extended family. Plus there’s free wi-fi available for those who can’t live without their technology close by. The outdoor Olympic Pool is heated to 24°C and the Hydrotherapy Pool is heated to 34.5°C.
Getting There
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Boundary Street, Gloucester, NSW, 2422