Gloucester Tops Circuit

Gloucester Tops Road, Gloucester Tops, NSW, 2422

Experience Details

The Gloucester Tops circuit combines three popular and scenic walks in Barrington Tops National Park into a longer seven kilometre circuit. It’s an excellent option for a shorter day walk and a great walk to get a sense of the astonishing diversity within the Gloucester Tops precinct of the park. Setting out from Gloucester Falls picnic area along Gloucester Falls walking track you’ll walk through open snow gum woodland to Andrew Laurie lookout on the edge of the escarpment and on to Gloucester Falls lookout. Taking the River walking track, you’ll wander amid sub-alpine woodland. Look out for swamp wallabies and grey kangaroos along this walk, and in summer, the bluebells, rice flowers and billy buttons are an extra treat. The Antarctic Beech Forest walking track features cool temperate rainforest with the canopy of Antarctic beech towering above the tree ferns and damp carpet of moss on the forest floor. As you walk each track together or individually, keep in mind that you are walking through part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.
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Gloucester Tops Road, Gloucester Tops, NSW, 2422


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