Maitland Jewish Heritage Walk

112 Louth Park Road, South Maitland, NSW, 2320

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Early colonial Maitland was a rough and tumble place, until it eventually grew into a commercial and trading hub. Respectability became etched on the buildings and the way of life. Successful merchants built impressive buildings and homes. They adopted lifestyles to match. Public buildings, places of worship, and schools became features of the city’s centre. The dominant language was English, the dominant religion was Christianity, and the dominant settlers were from Britain or of British origin. Into this milieu came individuals, families and groups from Jewish backgrounds. During this walk, you can visit 14 sites that provide a taste of the challenges, successes, trials, failures and complexities of their lives. You can find a copy of the Maitland Jewish Walk online or physical copies at the Maitland Visitor Information Centre.
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112 Louth Park Road, South Maitland, NSW, 2320


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