Murrurundi Pioneer Cottage

111 Mayne Street, Murrurundi, NSW, 2338

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The Murrurundi Pioneer cottage came to Murrurundi from a farm called Allston out of Timor Way and was built in 1889. The cottage was taken piece by piece from the farm and resettled in Murrurundi in the late 1990s. The cottage is of slab wood construction and corrugated iron roof housing four rooms including a kitchen, dining/lounge room and two bedrooms. All the items housed in the cottage from the milk and butter churns to the newspaper-lined wall are original and still of sound construction. The exterior is coated in whitewash paint (lime, salt and warm water). Accompanying the structure is an outside toilet (dunny) and a stables holding the original mangle and a one-horse dray used for carting goods along with a sulky for transport into Murrurundi to buy supplies. This is a real and complete step back in history with all the implements used by farmers in the country including wax candlestick makers, wire wove beds, lanterns, hanging meat safes, food coolers, treadle sewing machines and other 19th-century living items. The cottage was built by the Ivin family and donated to the community by the descendants, the Musgrave family.
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111 Mayne Street, Murrurundi, NSW, 2338


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