Newbys lookout

Lansdowne Forest, NSW, 2430

Experience Details

One of several great lookouts in Coorabakh National Park, Newbys lookout is perched on the edge of the sandstone Landsdowne escarpment, with stellar views over the flat expanse of Manning Valley. A wooden ramp leads up to the lookout, making it accessible to everyone. In the distance are blue hills and scattered settlements; closer at hand are beautiful forests of blackbutt eucalyptus trees, forming a dense canopy teeming with birdlife. Indeed, birdwatching is superb here: at Flat Rock lookout, wedge-tailed eagles and peregrine falcons nest nearby, often coasting on the wind currents above the viewing area. Also, like the other lookouts around Coorabakh, there are a number of tables available, offering a great picnicking opportunity before heading to the park's other attractions and vantage points over the surrounding landscape. Alternatively, try Starrs Creek picnic area set beneath the lush rainforest.
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Lansdowne Forest, NSW, 2430


Carpark - Disabled access available, contact operator for details. - Lookouts - Nature & Wildlife - Non Smoking