Taree Heritage Walk

Victoria Street, Taree, NSW, 2430

Experience Details

This self-guided walk around Taree highlights a number of built and natural items of significance to the history of the city. The walk is approximately five kilometres long. Allow up to two and a half hours to visit all the items of interest. Take drinking water and wear comfortable shoes. The Manning Valley was first explored by John Oxley in late 1818 but the first town did not appear in the Valley until 1850's. Taree did not start to prosper until the 1920's when the arrival of the railway saw the town increase in popularity and industry start to establish itself in agriculture, forestry and dairying due to reliable access to the Sydney markets. You may also like to stop along the river bank for lunch. The Western Walk begins and ends at Fotheringham Park, and features the Manning River, Taree West Conservation Area, churches, and public buildings.
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Victoria Street, Taree, NSW, 2430


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