Tocal Homestead Tours

957 Tocal Road, Tocal, NSW, 2421

Experience Details

Tocal Homestead offers a two-hour guided tour of the heritage site that will entertain the visitor with stories of the characters and activities at Tocal over the past 200 years. See the barn the Colonial Architect designed, hear about a lad who went on to become Captain Thunderbolt and learn about a wealthy businessman’s vision to change the lives of destitute children. The tour can be extended to see the unique architecture of Tocal Agricultural College and then an informative guided tour around the working enterprises on the Tocal farms. Travelling around the picturesque farm, visitors see Angus beef cattle, sheep, working horses, the dairy and at times, the free-range hens. Lunch is included with the guided tour and is a traditional farmer’s baked dinner, with dessert and tea or coffee, served in the College Dining Hall.
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957 Tocal Road, Tocal, NSW, 2421


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