Kangaroo and Honeyeater

12 Park St, East Gresford, NSW, 2311

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What's the reason behind a honey eater perched on the paw of this bronze kangaroo sculpture? Could it be a reflection on the environment? Or perhaps a whimsical interpretation of nature's interplay? Engage with its texture—the use of bronze allows the sculptor to craft organic, stylized forms. Jimmy Rix's sculptures are deeply rooted in personal experiences and familiar objects. He often draws inspiration from the natural and farmed landscapes of Australia. In his world, rebellious kangaroos, machine-horse hybrids, playful sheep and everyday items take centre stage. These sculptures not only reflect a keen sense of humour but also engage with Australian culture and express genuine concern for the environment. Kangaroo and Honeyeater is one of several sculptures you’ll find around Dungog Shire that have been donated by Sculpture on The Farm, an art festival held every couple of years out at Fosterton, north of Dungog. Kangaroo and Honeyeater’ won the Sculpture on the Farm Acquisitive Prize for display in the Gresford Arboretum. Jimmy Rix grew up on farmland in Queensland and now lives at Malmsbury (Dja Dja Warrun country) in Victoria. He creates narrative works, works that capture a moment in a story, often focusing on creatures both domestic and wild from his own personal experiences and encounters.
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12 Park St, East Gresford, NSW, 2311


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