Nothing But Sky

23 Clarence Town Road, Dungog, NSW, 2420

Experience Details

It might be ironic that this sculpture has been located above one of Dungog’s iconic spots, which the locals have tagged “the Hollywood sign”. Once inside, Dungog and its icons disappear. The sound changes as well. Feel free to spend some time listening and gazing up. Nothin’ But Sky is one of several sculptures you’ll find around Dungog Shire that have been donated by Sculpture on The Farm, an art festival held every couple of years out at Fosterton, north of the town. Each festival, two or three prize-winners are gifted to the shire to enhance the cultural landscape, for the enjoyment of both locals and visitors. Operating as a not-for-profit organisation, Sculpture on the Farm is committed to creating a lasting impact on the Dungog community. Nothin’ But Sky was the first overall winner of the competition. Dr Braddon Snape is a nationally recognised Newcastle-based artist specialising in three-dimensional practice including large-scale public artworks.
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23 Clarence Town Road, Dungog, NSW, 2420