Paterson Bridge

Paterson Road, Paterson, NSW, 2421

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The iron lattice bridge over the Paterson River south of the town of Paterson was built in 1887. Despite the dominance of timber bridges in the area, there were rivers whose sizes and flood histories required much larger spans in order to maximise the clear waterway. From 1870 to 1893 lattice bridges from England and Belgium were the choice for these major bridges for both road and rail. There are five bridges of this type in the Hunter Region- the Paterson River Bridge and four over the Hunter River. There were only two styles built. Up until 1876 the bridges were deep and had vertical ends, then J.A. MacDonald revised the design and produced a shallower depth and introduced gracefully curved ends, as was the case with the Paterson Bridge. The bridge replaced a punt that went across the river slightly upstream. This bridge on Paterson Road provides access to the eastern side of the river and valley, ultimately to Woodville or Wallalong.
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Paterson Road, Paterson, NSW, 2421


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