Vacy Bridge over Paterson River

128 Main Road, Vacy, NSW, 2421

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Completed in 1898, the Vacy Bridge is an early example of an Allan type timber truss road bridge, and gains heritage significance from its proximity to the high concentration of other historic bridges in the area. Come and explore this wonderful area. As a timber truss road bridge, it has many association links with important historical events, trends, and people, including the expansion of the road network and economic activity throughout New South Wales, and Percy Allan, the designer of this type of truss. Allan trusses were third in the five-stage design evolution of New South Wales timber truss bridges, and were a major improvement over the McDonald trusses which preceded them. Allan trusses were 20 per cent cheaper to build than McDonald trusses, could carry 50 per cent more load, and were easier to maintain.
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128 Main Road, Vacy, NSW, 2421


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