Historic Monkerai Bridge

Monkerai Road, Main Creek, NSW, 2420

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The Monkerai Bridge, over the Karuah River, is the second oldest surviving timber truss bridge in NSW, being completed in 1882. After extensive upgrades over recent years, it will remain a beautiful architectural gem for years to come! It has been added to the NSW State Heritage Register for its great historical and technical significance -- it is an exceptionally rare example of an Old PWD truss bridge. Only two Old PWD truss bridges survive, out of a total of 147 constructed. The Bridge is significant through its association with William Bennett, the Commissioner for Public Works, designer of the Old PWD truss, and "father" of timber truss bridges in NSW. And its original form for the use of locally sourced materials. The form of the Bridge is aesthetically pleasing. The structural detail of the Bridge is clearly visible, and the form of the truss has an angularity and repetition of form that is pleasing to the eye. The Bridge is located in a visually attractive landscape of gently rolling hills and valleys, and the Bridge itself forms an attractive addition to the built component of that landscape. The appearance of the Bridge when viewed from up or downstream is quite striking.
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Monkerai Road, Main Creek, NSW, 2420


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