Blandford Signal Station Mural

31°47'34.1"S 150°54'07.3"E, Blandford, NSW, 2338

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As you journey towards Murrurundi, you'll be greeted by murals adorning signal stations along the railway line. This initiative was sparked by the disappointment of local railway worker Justine Witney upon witnessing graffiti-covered signal boxes, prompting her to start this innovative mural project. Collaborating with the Australian Rail Track Corporation, and the local community, artist Jack Wachtel and his team from Binary Creative were engaged to conceive a mural design for the signal and communications box in Blandford, NSW, part of the Hunter Valley Network railway. Drawing inspiration from the local environment they chose to depict the striking imagery of a Monarch Butterfly, also known as the Wanderer. Although not native to Australia, Wanderers grace the eastern coast of Australia during the summer season, extending to southwest Western Australia. These butterflies are drawn to warmth, embarking on extensive migrations covering hundreds of kilometers. As temperatures cool, Wanderers migrate toward the coast, gathering in large clusters of thousands on the same trees year after year. Cluster sites are recognized in various regions including the Upper Hunter, near Timor. Artist Jack Wachtel originally hails from Murrurundi and is an artist and illustrator now based in Thailand. He is the Creative Director of Binary Creative is responsible for four of the signal/weigh stations across the Upper Hunter region, including Blandford, Murulla and Willow Tree.
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31°47'34.1"S 150°54'07.3"E, Blandford, NSW, 2338