Cooreei Bridge over Williams River

Stroud Hill Road, Dungog, NSW, 2420

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The Cooreei Bridge over the Williams River at Dungog is listed under the NSW Heritage Act. Built in 1905, the Cooreei Bridge is an example of the Dare design. (Now known as a Dare truss, the zenith of timber truss development, and technically superior to previous types.) According to the pamphlet, Historic Bridges of the Hunter Valley, Harvey Dare re-worked Allan's design (the bridge over the Paterson River at Vacy) to produce a composite truss without pins. The result is stronger and maintenance easier. The bridge actually pre-dates the opening of the Bendemeer Bridge (also a Dare truss type) by a month (and may make the Dungog Bridge the earliest built Dare Truss Road Bridge ). Tenders were called for the Dungog Bridge on the 1st of July 1904. Work commenced in October 1904, the Bridge was open to traffic in July 1905 and officially opened on Wednesday 16th August 1905. The bridge is listed under transport activities associated with the moving of people and goods from one place to another, and systems for the provision of such movements.
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Stroud Hill Road, Dungog, NSW, 2420


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