Polblue Falls

Polblue Falls Track, Moonan Brook, NSW, 2337

Experience Details

Polblue Falls is a high altitude waterfall hidden deep in Barrington Tops National Park, at the highest point of the Barrington Coast. At the Polblue Falls picnic area you'll find a short walk winding along Polblue Creek through subalpine woodland. At the end of the track you’ll be standing at the head of Polblue Falls which is the largest accessible falls on the Barrington Tops plateau. To see it in a snowfall event is like being in the movie Narnia. The Barrington Tops wilderness is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia: a network of lush mountainous parks that are World Heritage listed. The nearest campground is Horse Swamp Camping Area just around the corner on Tubrabucca Road.
Getting There
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Polblue Falls Track, Moonan Brook, NSW, 2337


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