Polblue Swamp track

Polblue Swamp Track, Moonan Brook, NSW, 2337

Experience Details

The Polblue Swamp track will take you on a short journey through the wetlands and high altitude forests of the Barrington Tops Plateau. You’ll see the smooth dark trunks of black sally, snow gums with scribbles on their bark and be dwarfed by the towering mountain gums. From the forest edge, watch as grasses give way to a dense growth of sedges crowding the moss of the swamp. If you’re walking in spring or summer, you may see rare ground orchids along the track and it’s a good walk for spotting wombats and kangaroos. You can start this easy walk from Polblue campground and picnic area.
Getting There
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Polblue Swamp Track, Moonan Brook, NSW, 2337


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