Washpools waterhole

Middle Brook, NSW, 2337

Experience Details

It doesn't really matter how hot the weather gets when you've got a place to cool off. Washpools waterhole is a natural swimming hole in Middle Brook, only 500 metres from Washpools picnic area and viewing platform. The shallow brook is about one metre wide and 10 metres long - good for lying in and letting the water run over you like a spa. Take a dip following a challenging hike or after a barbecue. You could even spread a picnic blanket out beside Washpool's waterhole and enjoy lunch right there. If you're camping at Washpools campground, then it's a great location for a daily swim. The bushland surrounding this tranquil spot is river oak forest and box woodland. As you soak in the freshwater, try and count how many distinct birdcalls you hear. Woodland birds you might listen for include the grey fantail, brown-headed honeyeater and the endangered speckled warbler. However, if the kookaburras or cockatoos are going off, then you might as well splash around until they've finished because nothing else can compete with their mighty calls.
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Middle Brook, NSW, 2337


Aboriginal Culture - Disabled access available, contact operator for details. - Non Smoking - Swimming