Big Blue

Walter Pye Avenue, Scone, NSW, 2337

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A horse sculpted from blue string? What kind of string is it exactly—baling twine, perhaps? Crafted by Nick Adams, a horse hoof trimmer, the acclaimed sculptor secured the Huon Art prize with the companion piece, Blue Perspective, to the larger-than-life creation known as Big Blue. This vivid sculpture portrays a draught horse standing at an impressive 2.2 meters, adorned in striking blue string and poised in a feeding position. Comprising two distinct sections, when separated into two, the artwork allows viewers to stroll between the segments, creating a dynamic visual effect as if the sculpture is either emerging from or receding into surrounding walls. Award-winning Sculptor Nick Adams grew up on an outback sheep station in South Australia. Now based in Tasmania, he has worked as a Stationhand, Machinery Operator, driver, Undergraduate, Ecologist, Green Corps Supervisor, Traveller, Father, Fencer, Hoof Trimmer, and an Artist. Nick specialises in crafting wire sculptures, initially focusing on equine subjects. His distinctive approach involves creating life-sized constructions through meticulous, repetitive, and handcrafted techniques. Preferring simplicity over electricity, he utilises basic tools to bring his visions to life. Nick's ultimate objective is to metamorphose rigid, linear metals into a semblance of vitality, bridging the gap between the inorganic and the organic. Big Blue is located at Hunter Warbirds Museum, Scone.
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Walter Pye Avenue, Scone, NSW, 2337


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